Building up pillowsOh So Soho Floor Pillows are meant to be stacked.
The more you buy the more you save!
You get 10% off your total purchase, when you add pillows to your stack.
 Quantity Full Price You Pay Amount Saved
1 Floor Pillow $50 $50   --
2 Floor Pillows $100 $90 $10 discount
3 Floor Pillows $150 $135 $15 discount
4 Floor Pillows $200 $180 $20 discount
5 Floor Pillows $250 $225 $25 discount
6 Floor Pillows $300 $270

$30 discount


  • Each project is unique and we collaborate closely with our clients to determine the scope of work for each specific job.
  • A quote is prepared based on the cost of materials and number of hours estimated to fabricate the items.
  • A 30-50% deposit is required to commence the project so that materials can be ordered to proceed with the work.