About Us

Annie at the sewing machineOh So Soho began because my kids would dismantle our beautiful, mid-century modern couch, and use the cushions to build a fort. As a former Architect, I designed many similar structures during my childhood. They would also use them as stepping stones to get around the room without touching the floor. As a parent, I encourage such imaginative play. However, I was not too happy with our pillows getting tossed around and jumped on!  
I am a creative person with both sewing skills and years of Interior Design experience. So one summer, I decided to make a few pillows that the kids could have fun with and romp all over the floor.  But I wanted them to look attractive enough to store neatly and efficiently in the corner of our New York City apartment with limited space. And so the prototype for the Oh So Soho Floor Pillows was created!
As the kids started to play with the new pillows, the whole family found more and more ways to make use of them. They seemed different than your average floor pillow and have become an iconic feature in our home. 

Since starting Oh So Soho, my product line has happily expanded to include decorative and themed throw pillows and I've been doing a lot of Custom Upholstery work upon request too! 
Annie Walsh
(Founder & Creator)